AT2 Essay (30%)Description You will write an essay in

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AT2 Essay (30%)Description You will write an essay in response to a topic provided by your course lecturer. You must explain and analyse the relevant microeconomic theories involved and defend your position by reference to theories and concepts studied in the course and credible evidence.Release date The list of topics will be uploaded to the Course Hub (under the Assessments tile) on Monday of Week 5. and you will be notified by way of an announcement issued via the Course HubDue date 11.59pm Friday, Week 8Word limit 2,000 up to 2,500 wordsOther requirements Use 12 pt font Double-space your document to allow room for feedback State your name and student number in the document header State the word count in the document header Include a bibliography Comply with the APA referencing styleSubmission format PDF file (.pdf) or Word (.doc) onlySubmission method Via the Tumitin dropbox on the Course HubMarking criteria See rubric set out in the appendix

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