Are you concerned about the child in this example?

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In a conversation over lunch at your centre, three-year-old Owen is talking about the new baby that will soon be born. Owen is talking with affection: ‘I pat the baby in Mummy’s tummy. Her tummy’s very big and knobbly. I see it in the bath.’ Your colleague asks Owen with some surprise, ‘Do you and Mummy have a bath together?’ He replies, ‘Oh, yes. We have wet cuddles in the bath.’ You have never been concerned about Owen or his family but your colleague talks with you later. She says, ‘Don’t you think we should report this? People shouldn’t have baths with their children. It isn’t right.’ She shudders and looks very uncomfortable.
● Are you concerned about the child in this example?
● Do you have any other concerns and if so, what might you do? You will fi nd a commentary on page 202.

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