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LEARNING OUTCOMES NZDipBus Learning outcome four Students will apply leadership knowledge and skills to the management of change.This assignment assesses the following learning outcomes:Key elements: a) Transactional versus transformational leadership. b) Incremental versus radical change. c) Overcoming barriers to change. d) A framework for effecting change.BABS Topic: 2 Leadership in Organisations At the end of this topic the student will he able to 2.1 Probe and analyse current issues, problems and opportunities that are present in organisations: 2.2 Examine and evaluate the impact of the context on leadership; 2.3 Analyse how effective leadership can (,rcansation and shape the development of its vision, mission, goals and colture: 2.4 Evaluate and determine the leader-follower relnonship in organisations;CASE STUDY — Jack WelchRead the profile of Jack Welch, Chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001 on Wikipedia at htt s:// edia.or /wiki/Jack Welch focusing upon his years at General Electric and his work within that company.ASSIGNMENT DETAILS For this assignment you are required to read the case study and then answer the following questions: 1. Is Jack Welch a transactional or a transformational leader? Discuss how he demonstrates the characteristics of either a transactional or a transformational leader. Include examples from the case study to support your discussion. (12 marks) 2. Did Jack Welch implement incremental or radical change at GE? Give examples from the case study to support your choice. Why do you think he chose this approach?2(8 marks)S:FBIT NEW15 Staff Access1Business1Course Papers1BABS 16237 Organisational Leadership12017 semester two Assignment_OneScanned with CamScanner

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