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The content of this project is going to revolve around Atlantic General Hospital. The hospital was chosen by this researcher because it espouses all the values that health care providers should have. Furthermore, it is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to assist the community (Powel & Steinberg, 2006). In the current economic dispensation, where everything has been commercialized, Atlantic General Hospital has raised the bar. It is due to these reasons that this researcher decided to pick it from a multitude of other hospitals. The paper is going to examine multifarious facets of the hospital. The organization, financial management, and the economic impact of the hospital are the key elements that will be canvassed.
Analysis of the organization
a.      Physical Setting
Atlantic General Hospital is located in Berlin, Maryland. The hospital is comprised of sixty-two beds, and it has been operating as a healthcare provider since the year 1993. It contains nineteen beds at its emergency department. Moreover, it comprises of Imaging Department, an administration block, outpatient laboratory, pulmonary medicine area, and a diagnostic center for sleep disorders.  Women Diagnostic Center and Center for Joint Surgeries also make part of the physical setting of Atlantic General Hospital. Furthermore, it has the James G. Barret Medical Office Building that houses, among other things, the hospital’s Wound Care Center. When it comes to staffing, the hospital has employed 681 associates together with 190 doctors on medical staff. Therefore, Atlantic General Hospital contains all the critical departments that are necessary to a hospital.
b.      Client base
Consistent with information available on their website, Atlantic General Hospital draws its clients from the middle-class individuals in the community where it is situated. The patients are required to be employed, have insurance cover, and provide a driver’s license on arrival ( Patients are treated at the hospital’s facilities in Worcester County, Maryland together with that in Sussex County, Delaware. The hospital has the ability to cater for the needs of many patients due to the availability of facilities and adequate staffing.
c.       Clinical Activity
Atlantic General Hospital offers its clients many clinical services. Some of the services are behavioral health services, cancer care/ oncology, dermatology services, occupational health services, imaging/ radiology, outpatient diagnostic and lab, and palliative and support care among others. The hospital possesses orthopedics, pediatricians, diabetologists, and family physicians, among other doctors. Therefore, Atlantic General Hospital has a high level of activity.
d.      Organizational Structure
The hospital is composed of different specialist doctors. Hence, each specialty is represented by a doctor on board, which oversees the operations of the hospital. Atlantic General Hospital has a network of specialist offices and primary care providers composing of eleven offices located in Worcester County, Maryland and Sussex County, Delaware. This ensures that work and services are being offered effectively in the areas where the hospital is operating.
Mission, vision, and goals of Atlantic General Hospital
Atlantic General Hospital was constructed with the support of a community that was dedicated. From the time the organization opened its doors to the public, it has always strived to remain steadfast when it comes to serving the healthcare needs of the residents in the region together with the visitors. With regards to its mission, the hospital is committed to putting its community and patients first. It plans to achieve this mission by having a distinct and caring staff that will devote their career to caring for patients
The vision of the Atlantic General Hospital is to create a care delivery system that is coordinated and has the ability to prove access to personalized services, access to quality care, and education to improve community and individual health. Apart from that, the organization also intends to be a leader in what it does.
Below are the goals of Atlantic General Hospital
·         To put its patient safety at the forefront of everything it does
·         Ensure there is adequate accountability for financial resources
·         There is trust, respect, and kindness within the organization
·         Attention will also be directed to education since this will help create continued learning and improvement
·         Needs of the community should come first by the organization, especially those related to participation and community improvement
·         The hospital intends to succeed when it comes to communication, partnership, and teamwork
·         Service and personalized attention will also be provided by the organization.
Consumer and patient rights
Atlantic General Hospitals Patient’s Bill of Right. This bill requires the hospital to provide patients with reasonable services they expect to be given. Affordable Care Act is another bill that protects patients, and it has to be followed by the hospital. This act helps to ensure patients are not exploited by the health cares and insurance companies. There is also Consumer Bill of Right and Responsibility. The bill is focused on consumer protection and provision of quality services to patients. It means that Atlantic General Hospital has to adhere to some of these regulations so as to ensure the rights of consumers are not violated.
Human resource and employee issues
There are a few human resource and employment issues with regards to Atlantic General Hospital. The reason for this is because of transparency when it comes to recruitment and better compensation being provided to the employees. All the employees feel comfortable working for the organization. Meaning that there is little employee turnover. The only case that can be associated with the hospital in one that took place in the year 1998 where a person called Griesi filed suit against the hospital in the Circuit Court for Worcester County. Griesi alleged that the organization has breached employment contract, and on top of that the company had neglected misrepresentation in employment negotiation. These allegations by Griesi were later on overturned by the Circuit Court. No other human resource and employment issue has surfaced again.
Community and Global Impact
The hospital has been recognized for its services, and that is the reason why it won an award for the services it is offering. The organization is on the right path in achieving its mission and vision thanks to its staff. It has staff that has devoted all their career and effort to caring for patients who visit the hospital. Apart from that, the organization promotes decision making and shared leadership. This type of management empowers employees to make changes that are necessary when it comes to positively impacting the delivery of patient care. Some of the shared leadership models being seen in the company are education/work environment council, professional nurse council, performance improvement/patient safety council, practice council, and patient review council among others.
SWOT analysis for Atlantic General Hospital
·         The organization has staff that has devoted all their career and effort to caring for patients who visit the hospital.
·         It is well equipped in terms of man-power (681 associates together with 190 doctors on medical staff) and facilities
·         Patients are offered better services, and that is why the hospital won an award
·         Patients are at the center of everything, and this means services are directed according to their needs
·         The organization promotes shared leadership. This helps to remove the element of rigidity and inelasticity in decision-making process and management.
·         The hospital has large department with lots of activities
·         The organization needs to adopt other creative approaches for getting the attention of clients
·         There are many fascinating facilities and materials in the organization that requires creative handling
·         The hospital is currently operating in few areas, but there other parts that it can open its operations
·         Former med students and faculty among other could capitalize the pride of this organization
·         There is both online and interactive learning available in the market. It acquires such things to help in ensuring that staff are offered advanced learning and up-to-date information like in other organizations.
·         There is limited attention span on the side of the organization when it comes to the internet
·         There is growing reputations of other hospitals.
Atlantic General Hospital (2015). Maryland hospital. (n.d.). Retrieved from:
Powell, W. W., & Steinberg, R. (2006). The Nonprofit sector: A research handbook. New Haven, : Yale University Press.



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