“Advocacy Strategies and Proactive Leadership in Healthcare: A Personal Reflection” “Advocating for Change: The Role of a Nurse Leader in Creating Positive Impact”


Example 1 ( puneetpal ) As a leader in the healthcare setting, there are various advocacy strategies that can be employed to effect positive change in the workplace. Firstly, fostering open communication channels with team members and actively listening to their concerns can help identify areas needing improvement (Robbins & Davidhizar, 2020). By advocating for regular staff meetings or forums, issues can be discussed openly, and collective solutions can be devised. Additionally, leading by example and demonstrating a commitment to patient-centered care can inspire others to prioritize patient needs and advocate for their rights. Furthermore, leveraging data and evidence-based practices can strengthen advocacy efforts. Presenting research findings or quality improvement data to stakeholders can highlight areas for improvement and garner support for necessary changes (Heinen et al., 2019). Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams and engaging stakeholders in decision-making processes can also enhance advocacy efforts and promote a shared vision for positive change.
One instance where I provided leadership was during the implementation of a new electronic health record (EHR) system in our healthcare facility. Recognizing the significant impact this change would have on workflow and patient care, I organized regular meetings with staff to discuss concerns and provide training opportunities. I also served as a liaison between frontline staff and IT specialists, advocating for necessary system modifications to improve usability and efficiency. Ultimately, through proactive communication and collaboration, we successfully transitioned to the new EHR system with minimal disruption to patient care.
Looking back, one aspect I would approach differently is ensuring more frequent check-ins with staff throughout the implementation process to address emerging issues promptly. Additionally, I would allocate more time for comprehensive training sessions to ensure staff felt confident and competent in using the new system from the outset. Overall, the experience taught me the importance of proactive leadership and ongoing communication in facilitating successful change initiatives.
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Example 2 (Adriana) Health care leaders within the organization must evolve simultaneously with society to meet the changing demands. Nurse leaders can seek out evidence-based practices to be implemented to help determine patient outcomes and safety (Helbig, 2022). Proactive nursing leaders help guide and assist the evolution of healthcare. Nurse leaders participate in maintaining budget costs, monitor supply and demand, and assess patient and staff satisfaction. Nurse leaders play a vital role in every corner of healthcare. As the nursing scope evolves to meet healthcare demands, nurses can promote health equity for all (Azar, 2021). Nurses can provide unique perspectives and expertise within public health crises and beyond. Nurse leaders can create a rapport with other healthcare disciplines to foster a collaborative environment to discuss potential interventions to help meet society demands in hopes of increasing optimal patient outcomes. Nurse leaders can participate in local & national legislation to encourage discussions to ensure nurses are heard and shared among other disciplines (Azar, 2021). Nurse leaders can identify potential barriers that may limit certain communities from achieving quality healthcare. A recent example where I provided leadership within my role was in an interdisciplinary team meeting regarding a patient’s care. As a float, I visit different sites and need to learn about new patients constantly. I was brought into a situation that required various disciplines to provide care within a short period due to frequent hospital visits and falls. As case manager, I took the lead in providing direction and input in what needed to prioritize while ensuring the patient is safe. Coordinating transportation and facility placement proved difficult due to the patient’s noncompliance with the recommended treatment plans which became an additional barrier once the patient was discharged. Eventually, the patient was able to be placed while they recuperated from a stroke. What I would do differently is proactively work the inpatient team earlier in discussing potential discharge barriers as safety was the main issue for their home environment and to expedite facility placement. Reference:
Azar K. M. J. (2021). The Evolving Role of Nurse Leadership in the Fight for Health Equity. Nurse leader, 19(6), 571–575. Helbig, J. (2022). Reengineering health care management. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), Nursing Leadership & Management: Leading and Serving (3rd Edition).
As healthcare continues to evolve, outlining the role of what it means to be a nurse leader must be supported from all avenues in healthcare to ensure nurses are empowered to take on more leadership roles. Example 3 (Melanie) Whether in a “fromal”, titled role in a leasdership position, or in day to day practice, the Professional nurse is a strong advocate within their workforce. With their unique role within healthcare, often as fronline providers, nurses have the opportunity to advocate and create posisitive change. Advocacy allows professional nurses to assist individuals, (patients, as well as staff) to express their views, wishes and help defend their rights (mind.org, 2024). As an advocate, the professional nurses may provide information to help patients and team members make decisions, lend support and present options, as well as assist in making contacts or connections on someones behalf (mind.org, 2024). Developing and implementing advocacy strategies as a professional nurse leader are necessary to create positive change, It is important to remember when creating change to collaborate with team members (mrbeasleysaigsite.com, 2024). Collaboration allows for effective and productive communication while developing important relationships (mrbeasleysaigsite.com, 2024). Maintaining honesty regarding strengths and weaknesses allows for constructive feedback and improvement, and always approach teamembers with repect and positive attitude (mrbeasleysaigsite.com, 2024). Creating change through advocacy is an essential part of professional nursing that dooes not require a title. As nurses, we advocate daily for those who cannot speak for themselves, We speak up for the vulnerable, help coordinate care, and often lend a voice on someones behalf.
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