Advanced Social Theory Assessment Brief 2

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Advanced Social Theory Assessment Brief 2
Essay: 2000 words – 50% of total mark
Answer the following question:
Based on one of the topics covered in term 2, outline and critically assess how sociological theory has responded to changes in society in the last 30 years. Please include:
A discussion of the critiques of the theories you assess
An analysis of how these theories have been or could be used to address current social issues
Learning Outcomes assessed
Demonstrate a critical awareness of how contemporary sociological theory may help understand the complexities of society today and how they may inform social policy intended to address social problems and issues.
Provide a detailed assessment of the work of one or more selected contemporary social theorists showing a reflective and critical awareness of the range of their enquiry and tensions surrounding their chosen theoretical orientation.
Relate examples of contemporary social theory to current debates and events.
Marking Criteria
Understanding of task demonstrated / critical analysis
Evidence of additional reading
Sufficient range of sources used
Relevance of source material to the question
Analysis appropriate to level of study
Coherent structure:  Concise and consistent argument with logical conclusion, following guidelines
Use of APA referencing system: in-text (active and passive use)
Use of APA referencing system: list of references
Quality of expression: grammar, spelling, punctuation
Overall presentation and clarity of layout
Meeting assessment criteria

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