a) Evaluate the role and evolving nature of information systems in a variety of dynamic…

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Assignment Task
Learning Outcomes a) Evaluate the role and evolving nature of information systems in a variety of dynamic business environments.b) Critically examine the impact of information systems on business decision-making.c) Critically analyse the role of information systems in facilitating business process re-engineering.
Task SummaryAssessment 2 requires you to write a 1500-word report on the development and usage of Business Intelligence Systems (BIS) in a restaurant chain business. You are required to evaluate how a BIS may add value to a business, explain what sets a BIS apart from a normal information system with a reporting functionality, report the lessons and tips you learnt from developing and using BIS in the case study and critically discuss whether the decision recommended by a BIS should be trusted without reservation.Context:Business Intelligence Systems (BIS) play an integral role in the success of modern businesses. An understanding of their strategic role and the ability to critically examine the impact of BIS have on business decision-making are essential to information systems managers. In this Assessment, through a case study, you will demonstrate your understanding of BIS, its value-adding capacity in contemporary businesses, and your ability to manage and use BIS in a business context.
You are required to write a report addressing the following tasks:• Survey the application of Business Intelligence System (BIS) in two (2) industries including restaurant chain industry and evaluate whether, if so how, a BIS can add value to the business in respective industry. In your evaluation for restaurant chain industry, use CKE as an example. Explain how a BIS is different from an information system with a reporting functionality.• Discuss the lessons you learnt from developing and using BIS at CKE that you can use to advise other similar businesses.• Discuss the barriers the owner of a business may face in rolling out a BIS for the management of the business. Discuss how solve the challenges.• Critically discuss whether business should always trust the decisions made by a BIS. Discuss whether the introduction of Monster Thickburger is a good idea? If you do not think it is a good idea, discuss what other factors a BIS should consider or what input BIS should be fed so that it does not recommend such an idea.• Make 2-3 recommendation with respect to rolling out and using BIS at CKE.

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