4.10 customer management(2)


Situation Overviews

Seminar Preparation – Individual preparation

Seminar 16 focuses on revisiting the situation your chosen company was in based on CW1 where you reviewed theie current customer management practice. Students will work in groups based on their chosen company for CW1 and present their common findings.
· Summarize three issues faced by your organization highlighting what they are nolt doing well.
· What are competitors doing better based on the above?




Situation Overviews

Seminar Preparation – Individual preparation

Seminar 16 focuses on revisiting the situation your chosen company was in based on CW1 where you reviewed theie current customer management practice. Students will work in groups based on their chosen company for CW1 and present their common findings.
· Summarize three issues faced by your organization highlighting what they are nolt doing well.
· What are competitors doing better based on the above?




Contents 1. SMART OBJECTIVES AND DIGITAL STRATEGIES 3 Objective-Strategy 1: Customer ………. 3 Discussion 1 3 Objective-Strategy 2 4 Discussion 2 4 Objective-Strategy 3 5 Discussion 3 5 2. CONCLUSION 6 REFERENCE LIST 7

SMART Objective 1:
Digital Strategy 1:
Proposed Metric(s):

SMART Objective 2:
Digital Strategy 2:
Proposed Metric(s):

SMART Objective 3:
Digital Strategy 3:
Proposed Metric(s):



Section 1: Three SMART Objectives, Three DIGITAL Strategies and Three Marketing Metrics
85 marks
How relevant and meaningful the proposed THREE SMART objectives are for the chosen organisation (they need to be on targets such as customer acquisition, retention, development, satisfaction, engagement and experience)
5 marks
How relevant and meaningful the proposed THREE DIGITAL strategies are for the chosen organisation
5 marks
How relevant and meaningful the proposed THREE MARKETING METRICS are for the chosen objectives/strategies
5 marks
Whether the proposed objectives and strategies are justified well with screenshots from the chosen organisation, market trends, evolving consumer behaviour and so on
20 marks
Whether the proposed metrics are justified well with references to the chosen objectives, strategies
20 marks
Whether the discussion for each metric is well-developed showing critical thinking skills (which means looking for the strengths and weakness for the chosen THREE metrics)
10 marks
Whether the discussion in Section 1 is supported well with credible academic and practitioner literature
20 marks
Section 2: Conclusion 10 marks
How well the Conclusion:
10 marks
• is informed by the discussion in Section 1
• highlights how your company can benefit from digital CRM
Presentation: Presentation, Structure, Referencing and Professionalism (including language and grammar)
5 marks
MARK3014 Coursework 1 Brief – February 2023 Page 1 of 1
MARK3014 Coursework 2 Marking Breakdown


Customer Management Coursework 2 Checklist March 2024 Page 1 of 2
Before submitting your Customer Management report, we strongly recommend to go through this Checklist to ensure all key elements are
included in your report. If there are any questions that you ticked NO, you can contact your seminar tutor. Alternatively, you can post it on Padlet board.
Yes / No 1. Is your chosen a company one of these organisations?
1. KFC 2. Shein 3. Tesla 4. TikTok 5. Uniqlo
2. Is the chosen company the SAME AS IN COURSEWORK 1? (You are allowed to change this only if you had selected in Coursework 1 a company outside the above list.)
Section 1 (1,300 words; 85 marks)
3. Have you presented THREE SMART objectives?
4. Have you presented a total of THREE DIGITAL strategies?
5. Have you presented a total of THREE marketing metrics?
6. Do you have ONE digital strategy for each objective?
7. Do you have ONE marketing metric for each strategy?
8. Are the SMART objectives on areas such as customer acquisition, retention, development, satisfaction, engagement, experience targets?

Customer Management Coursework 2 Checklist March 2024 Page 2 of 2
9. Have you justified each of the objectives with some of the following:
• screenshots from the chosen company’s website, social media sites • screenshots from its competitors’ website, social media sites, • current market trends • evolving consumer behaviour, and so on
10. Is your discussion well supported with module textbook, module resources, credible academic and practitioner research?
Conclusion Section (200 words; 10 marks)
11. Informed by your analysis in Section 1, have you highlighted how well your company can benefit from digital CRM?
12. Have you cited the module textbook, resources introduced in lectures, and credible academic sources?
13. Have you used 1.15 line spacing and 11-point Calibri?
14. Is the language clear, professional, free of spelling / grammatical errors?
15. Is the information in table(s) in bullet points or two/three words and NOT in sentences/paragraphs?
16. Are you aware that the deadline is Wednesday, the 8th May 12pm noon (UK time)?


Week 18 Seminar Preparation
After reading short case study from MoneySavingExpert blog provided, you are required to do the following:
· Provide an overview of the situation- where the company is now
· Write down two objectives for the company
· Propose three digital strategies & justify
· Hint- visit WARC and other good websites to see what digital strategies other companies are using
Complaints against Sky – anyone actually get anywhere with them?!
Hi, I’m curious to know if anyone who has had a complaint (or numerous complaints!) against Sky has actually received a satisfactory response…or even an acknowledgement?! I ordered Sky+ (2 packages), Line Rental, Talk and Broadband over 6 weeks ago and so far the only service I have actually had installed is Sky+ which I am being billed incorrectly for and which fails to record 90% of what I attempt to record! I won’t bore you with the ENTIRE 6 week history but basically I have spent and incredible amount of time (and money!) on the phone to Sky ‘customer services’ and have got absolutely nowhere. Becoming fed up with talking to scripted call handlers who were not willing to look into my complaint (they just told me to write to their HQ) I emailed Sky through their website. As the ‘contact us’ area of their website has a limit of 1000 characters I asked them for an email address I could send my entire complaint to – I received a response a few days later saying their website limited each contact to 1000 characters as it was an ‘initial contact point’ but that I could now send my email to [EMAIL=”help@skycustomersupport.com”][email protected][/EMAIL] in order for them to fully resolve the matter, asking me to provide them with information as necessary. Feeling as if I was finally getting somewhere I sent them an email outlining the entire history from the date I placed my order and made it clear what I wanted them to do. 6 days later I had still not had a response so did a bit of googling and found an email address for the Chief Exec of Sky [EMAIL=”jeremy.darroch@bskyb.com”][email protected][/EMAIL] I forwarded on my email to him (I appreciate it won’t have actually gone to HIM but hoped it would be picked up by someone relatively senior) but it’s now been 3 days since I sent my email and I’ve had no response, not even an acknowledgment! As have no idea when or if I will ever get Sky Line Rental, Talk or Broadband and as Sky seem to be unwilling to acknowledge that I am being billed incorrectly for Sky+ (which isn’t even working correctly) I now just want to cancel the entire lot and get back the money I’ve paid them so far. Has anyone had a similar experience with Sky or have any advice on what I can do to cancel everything and get my money back? Should I just cancel the direct debits I have set up? Who regulates this sort of thing, trading standards? Should I start the ball rolling with the small claims court?! :confused:
Source: MoneySavingExpert (2021)
Complaints against Sky – anyone actually get anywhere with them?! — MoneySavingExpert Forum



This weeks’ seminar explores the impact of digital developments on CRM with a specific focus on Social Media. Over the past few years, BMW has been forced to recall some of their vehicles and customers have taken to Social Media to express their disappointment with service/lack thereof. Read the short paragraph below and explore some of the Tweets to get insight on the crisis.

In 2010, Marketing week reported how BMW’s brand image went into reverse after safety recalls. At that time, a YouGov BrandIndex indicated a-4 rating. (MarektingWeek, 2010). Almost 9 years later, BMW has recalled thousands of cars owing to a faulty part. Around 268, 000 cars have been recalled so far and repairs are taking on average 6 weeks: leaving customers frustrated (Which, 2019). As a result, customers have taken to social media to vent their frustration. Follow sample tweets below:

1. What are the key issues emerging from BMW case study?
2. Outline three objectives for BMW given the issues they were facing?
3. Recommend strategies BMW could have used to handle their CRM/SCRM better.
P.S This seminar is closely linked to the coursework. Reflect on relevant sections of coursework 2 after seminar. We will share CW2 examples from last year.

























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